Business made simple with Vimple

Business made simple with Vimple

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Why VPLedger?

  • Round-the-clock operability
  • User rights enforced according to the VPLedger Constitution
  • Legal protections for users in the event of information requests by law enforcement authorities
  • Complies with all relevant regulation in target jurisdictions
  • Ability to file claims against counterparties in the event of failure to meet obligations
  • Commitment to the principles of protective democracy according to the VPLedger Memorandum

With the launch of our unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we aim to offer a suite of solutions designed to meet the B2B and B2C needs of SMEs. VPLedger seeks to build a sustainable tomorrow with the use of Distributed Ledger Technology to ensure speed, compliance, reliability, transparency, security and protection of users’ rights.


Why VPLedger?

Key benefits of VPLedger

Ability to interact with counterparties within an enforceable legal framework

Free transfers and messaging between users

Secure, reliable and transparent distributed ledger

Rating system underpinned by user voting mechanism

Private transactions

Ability to work with both fiat and digital currencies and assets

Up to 100,000 operations per second

Transaction fees as low as 0.01%

Opportunity to influence core economic decisions and network characteristics

Decentralised model of development and improvement of blockchain protocol

Well-developed and diverse ecosystem of services

Multi-level user protections to facilitate effective business operations

Sophisticated tools for minimising financial and counterparty risks, including smart contracts, escrow facilities, stablecoins and more

Instant response to hacking and malicious activity against network users via legal instruments and recourse

Real business problems

addressed by the protective VPLedger blockchain

High banking fees
Zero-fee internal (same currency) transfers, and cross-currency transaction fees of 0.01% or less, plus option for preferential transactions
Low speed of bank payments
Global transactions in under 5 seconds
Inconvenience of operating between fiat and cryptocurrency systems
Simplified mechanisms for working with fiat and cryptocurrency exchange
Account freezing by banks
Account freezing only by court order
Difficulty in raising capital for project funding
Crowdfunding platform based on VPLedger and fee-backed assets
Legal barriers to working with foreign securities and assets
Legal framework and platform for digital asset trading
Concerns over legal status of conventional blockchain among mainstream businesses
Complies with all relevant regulation in target jurisdictions
Lack of sufficient security on existing platforms
Multi-level VPLedger security system based on robust encryption and best practices
Lack of trust in counterparties and the possibility of default on obligations
Binding verification procedures and KYC, smart contracts and escrow accounts
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Target audience —
THE Global business community



Control and streamline the flow of your organisation’s financial processes

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and Financial Institutions

Maintain accounts and credit customers with cryptocurrencies and stablecoins



Enforce compliance with all national laws and regulations

Payment and Remittance Providers

Payment and Remittance Providers

Use a high-scalability blockchain to build your own payment platform

Digital Exchanges

Digital Exchanges

Leverage the blockchain to run a stable, reliable exchange service



Track the transparent movement of funds and assets within the blockchain



Easily audit a company's online activities



Enjoy the advantages of peer-to-peer trading of tokenised assets



Transfer funds to relatives around the world in seconds for free



Leverage the power of the VPLedger toolkit

Gig Economy freelancers

Gig Economy freelancers

Organise secure payments, settled in seconds using escrow and multisig features



Transfer your favourite tokenised in-game items to anyone, anywhere, in seconds

Planned basic services

Planned basic services
Digital asset exchange:

crypto and fiat assets, stablecoins, multi-wallets, margin trading, leverage, cross-chain Atomic Swaps and more

Freelancer exchange,

with qualification tests and freelancer ratings, continuous payment mechanisms, and project-specific freelancer selection algorithm

Crowdfunding platform,

including ICO, STO, IEO, TGE, escrow mechanism and investment protection

Services for business management,

including financial flows management, business statistics, analytics, reporting and other tools

Security and compliance systems

User verification User verification
Delegated KYC Delegated KYC
AML compliance AML compliance
Trustless nodes Trustless nodes
Ability to create escrow transactions using smart contracts Ability to create escrow transactions using smart contracts
Hierarchical principles of accounts management Hierarchical principles of accounts management
Adoption of ‘laissez-faire’ principle Adoption of ‘laissez-faire’ principle

Tools and functions

  • Smart contracts + EVM (virtual machine)
  • Smartcoins, stablecoins and user assets
  • dApps
  • Hierarchical account management system
  • Decentralize multi-wallet
  • Cross-chain operations
  • Transparency of team identity and funding
  • Decentralized development
  • Automatic generation of business reports
  • Block explorer and other blockchain tools

Vimple (VPL) — the internal single global currency of VPLedger and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) means of payment for all of the platform’s functionality — can be purchased from Danish Blockchain Services ApS from October 2019.

The Vimples are made available during an Alpha stage as part of a unique sign-up process in which backers are offered a Lifetime membership subscription in exchange for backing. Start earning with us from day one! Check out our unique “VPLedger business model”

VPLedger business model

VPLedger is a product of Danish Blockchain Services ApS. As part of the introduction to this unique piece of blockchain technology, a total of maximum 4000 membership subscriptions are made available using 1000 Vimples which are then returned on user account at time of mainnet launch. You may back VPLedger with the buying of the Vimples to upgrade to Lifetime Member with normal transfers whether SWIFT, Wire, SEPA, cryptocurrencies equivalent or OBITS via the BUY buttons on this website. or you can make use of the special offer from Danish Blockchain Services ApS HERE

Cashback of all revenues from unicorns similar to Amazon, Uber, Airbnb?

Well, just imagine what a backing of 500 EUR in return of access to a Lifetime Membership could turn into, should you be the entrepreneur who is referring a future similar unicorn to onboard VPLedger.

VPLeder is unique due to its approach

One Account

One Vote

One True Identity

It is a framework built to ensure and secure the interests of the user, the company, the regulator and even the governments.

First come, first served

Lifetime Membership Subscription is an offer which is available only until minimum 500 and maximum 4000 backers have been reached. You hold the future in your hands, let it be a future we build together. Welcome!

We invite all early testers to try out this one-of-a-kind DLT solution at a limited time with great discounts!

It is free to sign up and test via console most of the stanadard services.

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Free access to VPLedger blockchain with testnet access via console!

Login to test network


Сheck out The VPLedger Price List of SaaS, Membership Subscriptions and Top-Up

How to access VPLedger

diagram 1

The early access Lifetime Memberships are fully operational upon upgrade with purchased Vimples which are made available against payment in standard international currencies either via wire transfers, SWIFT or in some cases even cryptocurrencies or the token OBITS. Place your order on this website to receive payment instructions.

Business made simple with Vimple

  • A Limited offer – maximum 4000 subscriptions available to backers
  • A Lifetime offer – you hold this forever
  • A Membership Subscription – with 60% cashback on own spending as well as referrals
  • Order now – Secure your spot, as long as available!

Although total supply of Vimples is 2 x 18 276 000, only amount available during Early access Alpha stage are between 500 000 and 4 000 000 Vimples (VPL).

At time of mainnet purchase of Vimples will be made possible through any possible sales channels used by the target audience, including but not limited to app stores, Amazon, Alibaba, VPLedger own website etc,


and eventually via partner sites, dApps and compliant cryptocurrency exchanges around the world all using the VPLedger framework whether straight on or via side-chain solutions.

diagram 2

Our Team

Our Team

Ronny Boesing


A blockchain enthusiast, CEO of OpenLedger ApS and Danish Blockchain Services ApS

OpenLedger ApS

VPLedger core developer

Developer of OpenLedger DEX and BitShareScan

VPLedger’s founder is Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger ApS. the core developer for the platform. Detailed information about the activities of the VPLedger team, including the history of all changes within the blockchain, current work to improve the platform, the results of referendums, etc, is all transparently accessible and constantly updated on the official VPLedger website.

More info

For Partners

More info

For Resellers and Affiliates

More info
For partners

For partners

As we are close to the launch of a unique DLT framework for financial operations, we are actively seeking partner companies with:

  • The ability to leverage and work with the latest advancements in blockchain technology to provide the next generation of money.
  • The ability to issue tokens with or without smart contracts on the DLT framework characterized by offering:

Join us

  • – Sustainability through POA consensus
  • – Immediate confirmation and settlement
  • – Scalability sufficient to enable real-time global payments
  • – Open access without gatekeepers
  • – Extensible and easy integration for any application
For resellers

For resellers
and affiliates

Become your own boss by working with our team to bring people and companies into the friendly VPLedger ecosystem.

Available from Early Access
  • Make use of your Lifetime Membership referral link and offer backers a once in a lifetime Lifetime Membership Subscription and earn up to 20% (up to 30% from Global Launch) of sales according to invoice total excluding any VAT. A reseller agreement should be signed directly with Danish Blockchain Services ApS.
  • The agreement with Danish Blockchain Services ApS offered upon request
Available from time of main net
  • Register on VPLedger, buy a member subscription during early access and start earning up to 60% of the transaction fees for funds spent by any registered users referred by you. (this goes for all funds spent apart from initial membership)
  • Due to that same membership you can now buy all the VPLedger SaaS services and products and receive a 60% cashback on a monthly basis.
  • At time of mainnet, you may buy annual, quarterly and monthly subscriptions in order to obtain same benefits as above.

Join us

  • Add new customers, or share your link and earn an additional 25 Vimples for each person to register and verify their account. (In case of no reseller agreement)
  • Register Remittance agents and earn an additional 10 Vimples for each registration when the Agent purchases a minimum of 5 Memberships (intended especially for Global Launch welcome package and in case of no reseller agreement).
  • Sign the agreement directly with Danish Blockchain Services ApS

Road Map

Milestone 1 Complete Research

  • inception and formalisation of prospective blockchain concept
  • survey and analysis of target market

Milestone 2 Complete Documentation

  • development of blockchain memorandum
  • development of terms of reference for blockchain design
  • development of DLT white paper
  • development of democratic consensus mechanism

Milestone 3 Complete Alpha stage MVP with testnet

  • launch of MVP with registration, first product, wallet, subscription
  • launch of VPLedger blockchain test network
  • testing of network by blockchain community

Milestone 6 Coming soon

  • launch of OpenLedger GIG economy freelancer exchange
  • adding (activation of) partner payment providers

Milestone 5 Coming soon

  • release of key network functionality (smart contracts, crypto assets, API)
  • launch of euro-based VPLedger stablecoin
  • launch of mechanism for interaction between blockchain and developers
  • security audit of VPLedger network



Milestone 4 Next up Beta Stage

  • launch of core network (including wallet and block explorer)
  • listing of bundle offers and top-up options on online stores and retail outlets worldwide
  • establishing global sales channel network and attracting resellers and affiliate members

Milestone 7 Coming soon

  • launch of a crowdfunding platform
  • launch of a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange

AND Ongoing

  • conclusion of partnerships with the business community and national executive authorities


  • Why is VPLedger a “protective” blockchain?

    VPLedger is built in accordance with the principles of protective democracy, which proclaim non-interference in most spheres of life of economic entities.

  • Why do we use VPG consensus?

    The main characteristic of a network based on the mechanism of VPG consensus (Veritas Persona by Governance) is high scalability. Therefore, VPG should provide high performance for a large number of transactions characteristic for traditional business (trade, services, marketplaces, etc.).

  • When will VPLedger be open for business?

    The launch of the VPLedger will take place after the end of the test period expected Q1, 2020. Therefore, the possibility of using the advantages of the Vimples for any SaaS use will appear after the Global Launch.

  • Why the blockchain technology is called graphene 3.0?

    Bitshares 2.0 (Graphene) + smart contracts we have named Graphene 3.0 and defined as VPLedger, a new type of DLT - a protective blockchain with all the advantages of blockchain technology

  • Why does a business need VPLedger?

    Existing blockchain projects provide the user with no guarantee of network stability and offer no protection of legal rights. That is why we have developed legal blockchain created from the ground up for enterprise needs, enabling businesses to leverage all the advantages of peer-to-peer tools and services in organising their processes with domestic and global counterparts.

  • Is there a specific example of a business use that you see VPLedger being a solution for?

    VPLedger can be used to store confidential data, to track shipments from suppliers and reduce the risk of product damage, to detect and prevent counterfeit products, to make instant payments as a result of insured events and so on.

  • Why do we use private transactions in VPLedger?

    The target audience of our blockchain is a business, and for its successful operation and development, a business must protect its trade secrets and ensure the privacy of its data and transactions. However, if necessary, the company voluntarily has the opportunity to disclose information about the transaction to a third party (auditor, government agency, etc.).

  • Why do you need to use a legal entity owning of VPLedger?

    It is impossible to ensure the legal functioning of the VPLedger in the target markets without a special legal entity that meets the requirements of national regulatory authorities. For example, without a special legal entity, it will be impossible to ensure the legal use of fiat currencies by VPLedger users in the majority of countries.

Our Events

The VPLedger team is always ready for discussion and feedback, not only online but also at the events that we hold or visit.