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The launch of the VPLedger mainnet will take place after the end of the testing period, which run from October 2019 to January 2020. Each user is limited to activating one package each as part of Early Access (though additional packages can be purchased to give away). This package is sold as a unique Lifetime Membership Subscription, only available during Early Access. Once you have registered account on VPLedger you will be able to test the MVP with your included 1,000 Vimples to upgrade to Lifetime Member, with full functionality of the Vimples (VPL) and SaaS means of payment being unlocked after Global Launch.

Any Vimples spent during the Early Access and testing phase will be returned to your account upon the launch of mainnet, with your default status becoming Lifetime Member in case of upgrade and 1,000 Vimples credited to your account if this was spent on the upgrade.